Welcome to Lanky Living. This is THE place for tall people to find great products that suit their specific needs, as well as other great content tailored to the tall community. Whether it is a guide to the best sports cars for tall people, the best luggage for tall folks, reviews of pants and shoes or interviews with interesting tall people from around the world, we’d like to think we have you covered. You could think of us as a cross between The Wirecutter and GQ with a laser focus on the needs and interest of the tall community.

Why You?

We feel very qualified to be running the site. We did our research before launching and found that there weren’t any good, current resources for this type of thing. The founders are 6’3″ and 6’7″ respectively. Our Editor is 6’10″(!). We have all gone through the struggle of trying to find a decent pair of pants and shoes that actually fit us correctly. We’ve all sat in more cars than we care to admit trying to find one that fit us comfortably while also meeting our other needs.

Who Are You?

We are:

  • Justin Coleman




  • Anthony Rezendes