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Chukka boots are a staple in basically every modern man’s wardrobe. They go with nearly everything and really elevate any outfit they are paired with. There are numerous companies producing this style of boot but one of the most well-known is Clarks. Clarks introduced their “Desert Boot” at the 1949 Shoe Fair in Chicago and released it to the public in 1950.

For our review we tested the classic Beeswax leather style. While our review is focused on this particular style, we have also seen the suede boots and can vouch for their quality as well.


These are gorgeous boots. They come in up to 35 different color/material combinations depending on your shoe size. The shoe will either be in a leather, suede or corduroy finish depending on your selection. The high quality materials used throughout the boots give them a first-class appearance. The stitching is precise and the leather feels great. They really stand out. The design of the boot is minimal but effective. The contrast stitching and creases where the different pieces of leather overlap give the boot a modern but at the same time classical look. This is probably why these boots have remained a staple for around 75 years. They will always work with whatever clothing is in at the time.


So, we know that the Desert Boots by Clarks are extremely popular and top-notch in quality and design but that doesn’t do us any good if they aren’t available in sizes suitable for those of us with large feet. Thankfully, you can get numerous color/material combinations in sizes all the way up to 15. And these boots are known to run a size large so even if you normally wear a size 16 you should still be able to find a pair that suits you. Currently on you can get 21 colors in size 12, 23 colors in size 13, 6 colors in size 14 and 4 colors in size 15. There are certainly fewer options available in the largest sizes but thankfully the most popular color, Beeswax, is available across the board. 
We commend Clarks for making these available across such a wide range of foot sizes.
I am normally a size 15–16 when it comes to shoes but with the Clarks Desert Boots I tried them in a size down. I was wary that I would be able to fit into a size 14 shoe much rather walk around in them comfortably for any extended period of time. To my delight, I found that the size 14 boots fit me perfectly. They really do run about a size large. This was great news. I wore them for 3 consecutive days and did a good amount a walking each of those three days. I’m happy to report that I experienced no discomfort at all and actually found them to be more comfortable than some of the other shoes I have. For me this was a big surprise. I have generally never found boots to be extremely comfortable. They are usually clunky, heavy and ill-fitting. These Clarks, while heavier than a lot of shoes, didn’t feel overly heavy. And they certainly aren’t clunky or ill-fitting.


As you may have deduced by now, we are going to wholeheartedly recommend the Clarks Desert Boots to anyone in the market for an upscale, high-quality chukka boot. Though these boots are on the pricier side, generally around $120 per pair, they are well worth it. They are durable and will likely always be in style. One $120 investment today could in theory, given you maintain them properly, last you for 5–10 years into the future. That is great value.

Highly Reccomended!

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