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We all know that buying clothes that fit us appropriately is a challenge and we’ve all spent way more time than we probably should have surfing the web trying to find shirts, jackets, pants and shoes that come in the right sizes. While it can sometime be a process purely based on trial and error, we have come across a few brands that either specialize in quality tall clothing or those that offer a decent selection for tall people. We wanted to highlight a few of them for you so you can hopefully save a few minutes when you are looking for some new clothes in the future. You can click on the store name to jump straight to their online shop for tall clothing or you can check out some of our favorites from each to get a feel for what they have to offer in terms of style and price.

Old Navy

Old Navy is great for tall shoppers. They have a fairly huge selection of all types of clothes that come in sizes suitable for tall individuals. Whether you are looking for shirts, graphic tees, jeans or jackets they will have you covered. Their prices are also very affordable which means you can really fill out your wardrobe when shopping there.

Some of our favorites include:


Express is on the pricier side but you won’t be finding too many clothes tailored for tall people that are as nice as these. They offer many types of shirts, jackets and pants and jeans and often times have some sort of sale going on. The one downside (besides price) is that their pants and jeans generally only come available up to an inseam of 34. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Some of our favorites include:

Altus Menswear

Altus are great! They offer sizes ranging from Tall to Extra Extra tall with multiple fits available in each category. We like them mostly for their various shirts but they do also have some bottoms available. The clothes are also reasonably priced for the quality you will be getting. Some of our favorites include:


At this point it probably isn’t a great secret that Target is a great source for cheap but quality staple pieces for any wardrobe. We love them for their basic shirts, v-necks and polos. Some of our favorites include:

High And Mighty

We wanted to include at least on option for our readers not based in the United States and for that we really can’t recommend High And Mighty more. The tall section in their shop offers a huge selection of brands at very competitive prices. If you are based in the UK you will definitely want to give them a visit to see if you can find what you are looking for. Some of our favorites include:

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